Photography, Post-production, CG


A few excerpts from my work

Photography and Retouching


Top Texture - High Quality Seamless CG Textures for 3D


Site for high quality 3D textures

Polaris ship bridge simulator (2004-2009)

Photography and GPS data gathering, real time 3D modeling, texturing, navigational items positioning and testing

Vodka Select ad

Select Commercials (2002)

3D modeling and animation

Derailed (2002)

Movies (2001)

3D & Compositing




George Anchev

Sofia, Bulgaria

  • PGEA


    Professional High School of Electrotechnics and Automatics, Sofia

    Automation and Electrical Engineering

    Graduation thesis on displaying textual and graphics information on electronic displays.
    1995: National Physics Olympiad.

  • Technical University, Sofia


    Technical University, Sofia

    Master's Degree in Automatics

    Graduation thesis on computer control of brushless electric motors.

  • NU image


    Nu Image / Millennium Films

    3D Modeler

    My first job. Started part time during my university studies. 3D modeling, texturing, rendering and compositing for a few Hollywood movie projects.

  • SDV Studio


    SDV Studio

    Manager of Videography, 3D and Post-production

    Partnership based studio for digital visual products: TV advertisements, 3D animation and compositing, video shooting and editing, photography, print design.

  • Kongsberg Maritime Systems


    ICB and Kongsberg Maritime Systems, Norway

    3D Senior Designer and Team Supervisor

    Project manager of visual database design for the Polaris/Spirit ship and anchor handling simulators of Kongsberg Maritime Systems, Norway and for Maersk. Acquiring of source image and GPS data: photo shoots on international locations in Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Spain, Libya. Optimized low-polygon 3D modeling and texturing of marine objects: ships, terrains, full harbors, oil rigs and others. Team education.

  • iStock


    iStockphoto/Getty Images

    Exclusive Stock Photographer

    Photography and post-production. Started my own studio for shooting models for stock images.
    June 2010: iStock Photographer of the Week

  • Peopleimages


    Yuri Arcurs Photography

    Staff Photographer

    Photography and post-production for

  • Industrial Parts


    Industrial Parts

    Visual Generalist and Studio Owner

    Photography, image post-production and CG.

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